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01.10MIAFAMILY MAGAZINE targets upper-income families who are in the midst of the highest spending period of their lives. Our research shows that women make the majority of buying decisions for the family. Since over 90 percent of our readers are women 25-45, Miami Family Magazine is perfectly positioned to assist them as they manage their hectic and often stressful days. We help guide them in their buying decisions through our advertising and editorial—offering articles on how to parent more effectively, manage time and stress, choose schools, keep healthy, have fun, and everything else in between.

FAMILY MAGAZINE offers a high-quality environment for advertisers; not only with our innovative design and impressive 4-color glossy format, but also with quality editorial compatibility. And, in this world of internet-driven decision-making, an interactive website with links to our advertisers.

FAMILY MAGAZINE provides free, closely controlled, distribution at over 800 outlets reaching nearly 100,000 families throughout Greater Miami. Parents pick them up where they are readily available in locations like Publix, which they frequent. Our magazines are often sent home in the backpacks of children, teachers receive them in their mailboxes, single copies are mailed, to offices of medical professionals. We are where you want to be.

Publix locations – Private Schools – Public Schools – Magnet Schools – Charter Schools – Public Libraries – Pre-schools – Day Care Centers – Hospitals – Pediatrician’s Offices – OB/GYN Offices – Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists – Tutoring Centers – YMCAs – Home Schooling Centers – Fitness Centers – JCCs – Local Attractions Pharmacies – Book Stores – Family Restaurants – Children’s Retail – Major Employers – Churches – Synagogues – Recreation Centers – After-School Activities – Our Advertisers – Community Events

06.09MIAFAMILY MAGAZINE ’s editorial content is especially relevant to family life in the local community. Readers look forward to hearing what local and national experts have to say on parenting, education, travel, health and more. Local events and activities are also a favorite part of our magazine. Our calendar of events and community news ensures that readers keep the magazine in active use for months. Our informational coverage entices readers to refer to the magazine frequently as they look for schools, after-school activities, camps, plan birthday parties, and more.


07.12MIAFT-01smFAMILY MAGAZINE presents the best the area has to offer. As the only family magazine all about Miami, we have demonstrated, that we hit a qualified target market and generate results for our advertisers. We keep your ads in your neighborhoods and believe that our market is your market. According to Pulse Research, women read and respond to the ads month after month, spend an average of 45 minutes per issue, and often pass it along to their friends. Miami Family Magazine gives you the opportunity to hit this target market of families in one of the affluent communities in America.


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