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My Trip to Dubai

By on February 8, 2017

Last month, I wrote about my flight to Dubai as a guest of Emirates Airlines to celebrate the launch of their first direct flight to Dubai from Fort Lauderdale. The flight was a dream, complete with comfort, entertainment, food & drink. The 15-hour flight floated by in a flurry of meals, movies & slumber and we arrived to a sparkling airport fit for a King, or I should say Sheikh, because that’s who rules the Emirate of Dubai.

by Janet Jupiter

img_7142I learned that there are seven Emirates called the United Arab Republic, nestled on the north east coast of Saudi Arabia and Dubai is where it’s happening. Here you will find the biggest and the best of everything, the tallest building, the largest shopping mall, with a ski slope inside, no less. There’s a huge two-story aquarium inside the Dubai Mall, and an even larger aquarium at Atlantis, that’s right, a replica of Atlantis in the Bahamas is here built on a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. As a matter of fact, there were a lot of things over there in the East that were similar to the West, even though their traditions, dress, and rituals still remain.
During my visit I couldn’t help thinking about that saying from the movie Field of Dreams “If you build it, they will come!” The Sheikh Mohammed must have had that same vision, because he did just that, and come they do! From all corners of the Earth. Who knew? Every time I mention visiting Dubai, someone tells me they have either been there, have a friend who’s been there, or they dream of going there. It’s been called “Las Vegas on steroids,” and there is a real resemblance with their many architecturally sculptured tall buildings rising out of the desert, palm trees lining the streets and brilliant dancing fountains. No gambling or drinking, though, so the similarity stops there.

img_8271Families will find that there are tons of places to visit with their children. There are theme parks in the style of Disney Land and a water park called Wild Wadi in the style of Wet ‘n Wild. There’s LegoLand, Bollywood, and Motiongate (think Universal Studios), a mall full of frightful digital games and an indoor rain forest called the Green Planet encapsulated in an entire building. There are restaurants galore with exotic food & famous chefs, but also familiar restaurant chains that will satisfy the young ones. It’s as though Sheik Mohammed toured the US and said let’s build one of this and one of that.

You forget you are in the desert! Until you drive out of the city, and there you are in the desert, sand dunes and date palms all around. Be sure to go on a safari to the desert for at least one adventure. Surf the dunes in a car, jeep or ski-doo, ride a camel, eat typical middle img_8157eastern delicacies, and get a temporary henna tattoo. When the sun goes down you’ll see half the stars in the universe! Speaking of the sun, it can get pretty hot in the desert. I was there in December and the weather was perfect but I was told it can get to 120 degrees at times, so take the weather into consideration if you plan to go.

I have to say Dubai seems unreal, it is so perfect. The streets are perfectly clean, people are perfectly polite, hotels are perfectly accommodating and everyone speaks English. There are a few rules to remember with regard to respect for the people of Dubai. Women are asked to wear clothing that does not expose their shoulders or their knees and when visiting a mosque, women’s heads must be covered. Other than that, East has met West and the people of Dubai seemed very comfortable with Western tourists buzzing around their affluent city.


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