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By on January 31, 2014








From the Publisher

MIAFTL02.14_01-300Like Jack Benny, I stopped aging at 39 so my Birthday parties seem redundant with the same amount of candles every year. On the other hand, I’m delighted to have another year added to my life and to be around to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthdays. Oakley can’t wait to be 5 and Juno doesn’t really know she’s about to turn one. Last year Oakley dressed herself as Snow White for her birthday party and I thought she was “the fairest of them all.” Who knows what she’ll be this year, maybe Wonder Woman or the redheaded girl from Brave, her imagination knows no bounds!

Children’s birthday parties are always full of energy and they have changed with the times. Where the family home was the party location, today most parties are planned away at gyms, skating rinks, parks, museums, zoos and the like. Where pin-the-tail on the donkey was the party entertainment when I was a kid, now there are face painters, clowns, bounce houses, & ponies. Mom used to bake the cake and decorate it herself, but now a bakery seems to do the job so much better. No muss, no fuss. And as for goody bags, they have been souped-up with candy, toys & games. I think I was lucky to take home a cookie when I was growing up.

Our semi-annual Party guide in this issue should help you find the right location, entertainment and decorations for your modern-day party. That is if you don’t decide to travel back in time and have an old fashioned party at home, bake your own cake and give out cookies in your goody bags! Whatever you do, your child will enjoy the Kodak moments more than you know.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I want to send out hugs to all who read this magazine, click on Blabber Mouth, enter the giveaway contests and love the information we deliver every month. Come out and say hello at the camp fair in March when we celebrate our 12th year in publication. Our numbers are small, but we do big things, thanks to the dedicated people who help me put this magazine together each month. It’s our valentine to you!




Janet Jupiter, Publisher

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