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June Movie Reviews

By on June 6, 2013

June brings Will Smith and son Jaden in an epic sci-fi movie, the iconic Superman on the big screen again, and familiar monsters on a college campus. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s new in theaters this month.

by Jane Boursaw


  • Not yet rated; likely PG-13. In theaters 6/07 (2D, 3D). Ok for kids 13+.
  • Reel Preview: 4 of 5 Reels.

One thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity to flee Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind’s new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai (real-life son Jaden Smith). When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Now he gets that chance. It’s clear that Jaden has inherited his dad’s acting chops, and I love seeing them on screen together.


  • PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.
  • In theaters 6/14 (2D, 3D, IMAX). Ok for kids 13+.
  • Reel Preview: 5 of 5 Reels.

Director Zack Snyder helms this film about the iconic superhero, played by Henry Cavill. You know the story: A child, sent to Earth from a dying planet, is adopted by a couple in rural Kansas. Posing as a journalist, he uses his extraordinary powers to protect his new home from an insidious evil. All-star cast includes Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. An excellent installment to the long-running franchise, and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.


Squeeeee! Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) are back in this Disney Pixar prequel to 2001’s popular “Monsters, Inc.” Sure, the two amiable monsters were an inseparable pair in that movie, but that wasn’t always the case. From the moment they met, they couldn’t stand each other, and “Monsters University” unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.


PG-13 for some sexuality and brief drug use. In theaters 6/21.

Ok for kids 13+.

Reel Preview: 4 of 5 Reels.

It’s good to be Joss Whedon. Every time you make a movie, you get all of your closest friends together to act in it. Then you go from vampires to superheroes to musicals to science fiction to Shakespeare, all in the course of a decade. And people love it. They love you. And, with good reason. Whedon knows how to tell a good story, and that’s why it doesn’t matter which genre he’s working in at any particular moment. What matters is whether you’ve got good characters, snappy writing and a great story — all of which this movie has, along with a classic lineage. The modern retelling of Shakespeare’s comedy follows two pairs of lovers with different takes on romance and a way with words. Stars include Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion and more of Whedon’s inner circle.


JaneBOne Reel – Even the Force can’t save it.

Two Reels – Coulda been a contender

Three Reels – Something to talk about.

Four Reels – You want the truth? Great flick!

Five Reels – Wow! The stuff dreams are made of.

Jane Boursaw is founder and editor-in-chief of Reel Life With Jane, a family entertainment site specializing in movies, TV and celebrities. Visit her at or email


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