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Green Girl

By on April 5, 2012

With Earth Day approaching, this environmentally conscious chick took some time to dig up items that you’d be green with envy not to have. They aren’t just cool but truly innovative and kind to our sweet Mother Earth.

by Daysi Calavia-Lopez


In this day and age our lives are so hectic. Sometimes I feel as though no matter what I do I run out of time but I just had to stop to check out the Bedol Alarm Water Clock. With it’s fun water-drop shape it’s perfect for home or travel. It doesn’t require batteries or electricity and runs completely on H2O. Just unscrew the base and fill with tap water, it’s as easy as that. Sears also carries this smart alarm clock.


The Philips EnduraLED A-Shape LED bulb will brighten up your day without racking up a huge light bill. It has an average lifespan of 25,000 hours, and comes with a three-year limited warranty. This little bulb also has awards in its resume, it won the U.S Department of Energy’s Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize and is equipped to conserve energy, improve light quality and is incredibly low-maintenance. You can spot it for sale at


Now, You don’t have to look like the Grinch to go green in the face. Many make-up companies are producing certified green cosmetics that are good for your face, the planet and your wallet. Cosmetics infused with chemicals are a thing of the past. Burt’s Bees makes the eco-friendly cut, since 2010 they’ve eliminated landfill waste from their facilities. They’ve even included compost bins inside their offices. What’s not to love about a company that provides us with a zesty Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser and takes care of our planet. Another company deserving kudos for their good for the earth deeds is skinbotanica all their hair and skin care products are made with all natural ingredients such as flowers and fruits. For more of this awesome green stuff you can visit www.certifiedgreencosmetics,org


The Little Looster- Booster for the Loo makes me wish I was a kid again. It literally gives potty trainees a boost. You don’t have to worry about your toddler “falling-in” the toilet anymore and best of all it makes the process of potty training faster and less messy. This means saving an average of 360 diapers per family! 360 diapers that are NOT hitting landfills. The Little Looster helps kids change the world before they even start kindergarten, one poop at a time. How great is that? Plus, keep in mind that less diapers equals money saved.

Daysi Calavia-Lopez is a staff writer for Family Magazine. She graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Mass Communications. She lives in Westchester, Miami and loves finding new ways to go green. Feel Free to follow her @ Daysi_CL on twitter.

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