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DVD Film Fun: Megamind

By on February 6, 2011

Megamind: Unlikely Hero has a Change of Heart

Your shy, unassuming daughter has turned into a crusader with a cause. And it’s all because of a duck. Actually, a whole family of ducks that has wandered from the neighborhood pond into nearby yards, leaving their messy marks behind. Now the homeowners’ association wants to call in an expert to force out the foul fowl forever!  That’s when your super girl springs into action!  She comes up with a plan to stop the feathered pests from straying. The association approves her suggestion and the ducks are saved. You and your daughter discover that the heart of a hero can be found in some unlikely places. Often, all it takes is the right cause.
The citizens of Metro City make that same discovery when their long-time nemesis comes to their rescue in Megamind. Check out DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.’s megahit Megamind, available Feb. 25 on DVD and Blu-ray, with your kids. Then use our Talk Together discussion starters to uncover the movie’s themes.  Who knows? You might find a few “hero hearts” in your own home!
In Megamind, a super-brainy alien named Megamind spends his life battling the superhero Metro Man for control of Metro City. But despite his intelligence and creativity, Megamind is always defeated by the macho Metro Man. But after Megamind appears to have destroyed Metro Man with his death ray, he finds life as a supervillain without a foe to be pretty dull. So Megamind decides to create his own superhero using DNA that he extracted from Metro Man. He accidentally injects the serum into a nerdy cameraman named Hal, turning him into Tighten. Posing as Tighten’s “space dad,” Megamind begins training him to be a superhero. Tighten, who has pined for the lovely Roxanne for years, embraces his new super status. Now, he figures, he can use his powers to get the girl of his dreams.
But when Tighten learns his “space dad’s” true identity – and is rejected by Roxanne – he goes after Megamind, destroying Metro City along the way. Megamind, disguised as Metro Man, arrives and runs Tighten out of town. But Tighten figures out it’s Megamind and turns on him. At the last minute, Megamind uses his Defuser Gun to remove Tighten’s powers and save Metro City. Soon Megamind is quite comfortable in his new role as superhero of Metro City. It seems the heart of a hero beats in his eerie blue chest after all!

Talk Together

Megamind and Metro Man come to earth as babies but land in very different settings. How does that affect them? Why is Megamind jealous of Metro Man? Roxanne gets to know the “real” Megamind when he poses as Bernard. How is he different from his supervillain self? What does Roxanne like about him? Why is she upset when she discovers the truth?
Megamind and Roxanne are shocked to find out that Metro Man is really alive and hiding out. What does Metro Man dislike about being a superhero? What kind of superhero would you be? What kind of super powers would you possess? How would you use them to help people?

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